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 If you are passionate about learing and delivering quality dental care,then you have come to the right place. 


Dental Associates

Cosmetic Dentist


Dental Surgeons from Indian universities (BDS) having completed Internship, with a keen intent for  quality dental care and patient managment .

We have a roadmap for your career and a uniquely designed training programme that goes beyond theory, that includes practical skills,personality development,patient and clinic management.

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Dental Assistant



For individuals with enthusiasm  and flare for assisting in clinical work and career growth.

Minimal educational qualification is not the criteria but honesty and involvement is.


Dental Assisting Courses

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Front Office and Marketing



 For individuals with communication and coordination skills. 

Expected basic knowledge of  computer use and english language speaking skills are mandatory.



Youngsters who like to  be consistently challenged and suitably rewarded.

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